Watch Trump Cabinet pick literally yell at 9-year-old girl


Fox News host and Trump's reported choice to run the Veterans Affairs Department Pete Hegseth took issue with the children speaking out against guns, and decided to talk back directly to them.

The movement that the Parkland survivors inspired is stirring deep anxiety among NRA-owned Republicans, including the Fox News host who is also being considered for a post in Trump's revolving-door cabinet.

On Sunday morning's edition of "Fox & Friends," weekend anchor Pete Hegseth tried his best to praise the millions of kids who marched to protest gun violence on Saturday, but wound up uttering a primal scream at a 9-year-old girl.

"I feel for these kids from Parkland High School, they have a right to speak out, and they should," Hegseth began, then went straight downhill from there.

"But forgive me if I don't want a lesson on the Second Amendment from a 16 year-old," Hegseth continued, voice rising quickly. "Forgive me if I don't want to watch a 9-year-old tell me that her dream is a world without guns. My world, I want a world without Islamists, I wish that was true, too."

"The reality is, the Second Amendment is not about hunting, it's not about self-defense only, it's about free people and checks on a tyrannical government," Hegseth said. "They shouldn't be giving me lessons on the Second Amendment, they should be in civics class."

It would be disturbing for any grown man to rage at a 9-year-old girl about anything, but this is a person who is under consideration for a Cabinet post, who is a personal confidant to Trump, warning a nine year-old that he needs the right to carry firearms in case he has to overthrow the government he might end up joining.

But in the face of this powerful movement of young people, Hegseth's rant is also encouragingly comical. These kids aren't only inspiring other kids, they are inspiring panic in a gun-loving Republican establishment that hears their footsteps coming.