Watch: Trump crony, Fox crew laugh off investigation vast majority of Americans support


The majority of the country want to see the investigation into Donald Trump and Russia move forward. But Trump's friends — including those on Fox — apparently find the whole idea amusing.

Special counsel Robert Mueller recently expanded his investigation into Russian interference in our presidential election to include Donald Trump himself for possible obstruction of justice.

Mueller will be interviewing a number of Trump's associates in regard to the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

The president of the United States being under investigation for obstruction of justice in relation to a hostile foreign power's attack on our democracy is an incredibly serious and shocking situation.

The ever-growing mountain of evidence against him certainly seems damning, and despite what Trump's lawyer wants the nation to believe, 78 percent of Americans support the independent investigation.

But if all of that seems almost too obvious to state, it doesn't appear to be so to Trump's cronies or to the Fox and Friends crew.

Fox News contributor David Bossie, the president and chairman of Citizens United and Trump's former deputy campaign manager, was palpably indignant over the investigation, labeling it "irresponsible" and claiming, bafflingly, that it is "dangerous for the American people."

You know, there's very few of us out here carrying the president's message to the American people every day, and there needs to be more. The Republican Party needs to step up, the RNC needs to step up, the leaders in the House and Senate need to step up to support this president and his agenda, and make sure that the American people understand what is going on and the politics behind this incredibly irresponsible investigation, which is quite honestly dangerous for the American people. Because there was nothing to the collusion charge, so now this investigation has pivoted to obstruction, which, again, there is no obstruction. Everybody across the political spectrum is saying the president has no obstruction charge here. That is a ridiculous charge by the Democrats. And the president has done nothing — Jim Comey has actually said in testimony, 'There is no obstruction.'

That it is the investigation itself, rather than Trump's blatant — and well-documented — pressure on Comey, which Bossie finds "irresponsible" and "dangerous" would be laughable if it were not so troubling.

But Bossie and the Fox crew did find something to laugh at: Namely, the existence of the investigation.

BOSSIE: Look at the team that is being built of Hillary supporters, of donors being put on this team. I wonder what's going on behind the scenes, and why they're doing this. Why are they giving the American people even more of a cloud over this investigation?

HOST: [shrugging and laughing] And what are they investigating at this point?

BOSSIE: [laughing] That's right! Forget what they're investigating.

HOST: [laughing] That's right.

The juxtaposition of the Fox crew's snickering dismissal of Russia's attack on our election — and the president's possible actions to obstruct the truth from being uncovered — with their network's consistent, and at times downright ludicrous, hand-wringing during the Obama administration is quite telling.

When the Oval Office is occupied by someone opposed to Fox News' conservative worldview, anything and everything can become a scandal worthy of 24/7 coverage.

But when that occupant is one of their own, no matter how far over the line his actions may go, Trump's cronies — Fox News included — will scoff at the seriousness of the matter, turning into just another attack on Democrats.

Conservatives' habit of putting party over country is becoming more blatant every day.