Watch: Trump throws raucous party just miles from school shooting site


Trump basks in celebration while a community mourns.

Trump managed to skip a golf game Saturday morning out of "respect" for the nearby community still reeling from last week's mass shooting.

But he spent his Saturday night partying.

Even as his administration hid out from the press following Thursday's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Trump was spending the weekend at Mar-a-Lago, less than forty miles from the scene of that horror.

He apparently couldn't resist showing up at a loud and raucous gala at his club, arriving to the sounds of loud music, appreciative hoots, and chants of "Four more years!"

Tickets for the event cost $2,000.00 each.

As an added insult, Trump's grand entrance to the affair appears to have occurred just minutes after he posted a message blaming the shooting on the Russia investigation.

Trump's racism has caused over a dozen charities to cancel events at Mar-a-Lago, which charges up to $275,000.00 a night for such events. But Saturday night's event was hosted by a charity affiliated with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, and was "underwritten" by the charity's donors.

In fact, according to the charity, Mar-a-Lago was chosen for the event at the insistence of "a group of major donors."

Trump had less than 35 minutes to devote to the tragedy that unfolded just miles away in Parkland, but as always, had all the time in the world for his wealthy worshippers at Mar-a-Lago.