We're not impressed by Trump's 'greatness,' and we want it to end


Four months into Donald Trump’s beleaguered presidency, the resistance continues to thrive on righteous determination to protect and preserve American democracy, even in the face of unrelenting attempts to dismantle it.

If the daily onslaught of political negligence and malfeasance on display since Jan. 20 is the essence of Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s vision for "making America great again," I’m officially not impressed and I want it to end now.

If indeed this sustained apprehension and visceral unease is the best ride their "fine-tuned" roller coaster can offer, not only do I want off of it, I never want to ride it again, and I feel compelled to see to it that it’s permanently shut down in the best interest of public safety.

The unpredictability of the extremely bumpy ride once touted by his supporters as the Trump train’s greatest lure is now its greatest liability as resisting him and his party’s perilous agenda has become a basic act of survival for millions of Americans.

From the Islamophobic travel ban, to the cruel and unusual punishment of the GOP’s Obamacare repeal plan, to the nationwide epidemic of hate crimes, and the mounting allegations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia, it feels as though an albatross of exasperation now hangs around Lady Liberty’s neck.

We’ve grown sick and tired of gasping as we read each day’s headlines, and can barely muster sufficient outrage to keep up with the steady stream of disheartening breaking news alerts.

We’ve grown sick and tired of the obfuscation and lies, the "he said, she said" deflections, and the dime-a-dozen denials.

We’ve grown sick and tired of the incessant assault on our civil rights, our peace of mind, our planet, and our intelligence.

We’ve grown sick and tired of the attempted erasure of President Barack Obama’s proud legacy, and have lost all patience with the wars being waged against science, facts, and diversity.

Basically, we’ve grown sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Ultimately, we have this exhaustion and exasperation in common with the centuries of resistors who came before us; we aren't discouraged or dismayed by it, but empowered and invigorated for the sake of our own survival.

We resist for the preservation of our right to marry whomever we love, to treat our pre-existing conditions with dignity, to save our endangered planet, and to feed, educate, and protect our children.

We resist not to prove that we were right or lick our open wounds, but because the very preservation of our democracy and sovereignty requires it. We resist because our voting and reproductive rights are under unyielding assault. We resist because the struggle continues, and the many weapons formed against us show no signs of being laid down.

The persistent fatigue and nausea have now become a daily call to action and a reminder of the monumental task at hand, rather than an excuse to stay home sick away from work, as our opposition would surely oblige.

No, we’re not impressed with the makeover Trump and the Republican Party are foisting upon America and the world. We’ve ridden their frightful roller coaster long enough to know that it isn’t "great," we want off of it immediately, and only our sustained resistance will stop it in its tracks.