White House aides cherry-pick positive polls to 'cheer up' Trump


Donald Trump has historically low poll numbers, but White House aides admit to only showing him poll numbers "designed to make him feel good."

Donald Trump's poll numbers regularly set records for both low approval ratings and high disapproval marks. There is no getting around the fact that Trump is the most disliked president in modern American history.

Unless, of course, one were to just ignore the evidence.

Which is exactly the tactic used by this White House.

In a shocking Politico story, White House aides admit to cherry-picking the polls they show Trump, hiding the fact that Americans are regularly disappointed and disgusted by the actions of Trump.

Aides in the White House often show Trump polls designed to make him feel good, according to aides and advisers. Usually they’re the ones that focus just on voters who cast ballots for him in 2016 or are potential Trump supporters —Trump’s base—but occasionally include public polls like Rasmussen, depending on what the numbers say.

What's more, aides admit that not even a year into his term, Trump has abandoned any pretense of seeking to do what is best for all Americans.

"The polls are about the base," one adviser said. "He cares about the base."

No wonder Trump only cares about his base. His tenure in the White House has been a series of unending disasters.

He failed in his top priority of repealing Obamacare; his response to disasters, such as the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, have been atrocious; his racist Muslim Ban was overturned numerous times by the courts; his high-profile endorsements for both Alabama's Luther Strange and Virginia's Ed Gillespie failed miserably as both lost races that were expected to be close; and several of his top campaign aides have been arrested while countless more are under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

And in addition to low poll numbers at home, Trump is regularly mocked and derided by world leaders, and is described as "arrogant, intolerant, even dangerous," in international polls.

But don't tell any of that to Trump himself, where White House aides use carefully cultivated polling numbers "to cheer the president up."

Even White House aides admit to their own fraudulent behavior:

Yet several senior officials said they don’t trust the internal polls because they are “delusional” or “just not accurate,” in the words of two officials. The numbers Trump are shown are almost always higher than his public polling numbers. “I wouldn’t trust our polling on that,” one senior aide said.

What kind of person needs an ego boost from taxpayer-funded cheerleaders who supply a steady stream of rigged polling data?

Trump's childish refusal to face facts that he doesn't like is just more evidence that he is unfit for the office which he holds.

It's not leadership, and it's not presidential.