White House calls putting lives of 800,000 DREAMers in chaos 'fun'


The White House is treating the fate of innocent Americans like a joke.

Donald Trump's incompetence has been threatening to ruin hundreds of thousands of lives since he rescinded DACA, but for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that's just part of the "fun."

After promising to sign a bipartisan immigration deal to help DREAMers, Trump went back on his promise, then blew up another deal at the last minute that would have averted the Trump shutdown. Now that Democrats have helped to end the shutdown by securing a vote on the fate of those 800,000 Americans, Trump is ready to jump back into the fray — almost.

At Wednesday's White House daily briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Trump will unveil a "legislative framework" Monday for a compromise on the DACA issue, as well as other immigration priorities.

But when she was asked for some specifics, Sanders responded with cold whimsy.

Associated Press White House correspondent Zeke Miller asked Sanders if that framework would "include a path to citizenship for the recipients."

A smirking Sanders replied, "Well, if I told you now, it would kind of take away the fun for Monday."

Trump's captivity to his racist base and extremist advisers like Stephen Miller has already caused months of miserable uncertainty for DREAMers, who could face deportation as of March 5 if no deal is reached.

But to Trump and his sycophants, their lives are nothing more than bargaining chips, and their ability to remain in the only country they've ever called home is a joke. They deserve better.