Panicked White House rushes Trump off Twitter and onto the golf course


Between digging himself in further with more unhinged tweets, or hitting the golf course once again, Trump's team apparently decided the latter was the safer option.

Trump kicked off his Sunday morning with a trio of incriminating tweets. And his White House aides hurriedly found something better for him to do: play golf.

This weekend's Twitter barrage marked the first time Trump has attacked special counsel Robert Mueller by name. And it was enough to make even reliable Republican allies turn on him.

Rep. Trey Gowdy admitted that Trump is beginning to look guilty. And Sen. Lindsey Graham declared that if Trump tries to fire Mueller, it "would be the beginning of the end of his presidency."

And this guilty behavior apparently hasn't escaped the notice of some of Trump's staff. Because according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, "Aides have decided to whisk Trump to a golf course today."

Pool reports note that Trump's motorcade left the White House about an hour after his last tweet. "Your pooler has asked if the president is golfing or with whom he might be meeting and will report back if we get details," pool reporter Thomas Burr wrote.

Another member of the pool, the BBC's Tara McElvey, confirmed that Trump's golf outing was hastily arranged.

"Feels a bit cold for golf. But fewer TVs there," Haberman noted.

CNBC White House correspondent Christina Wilkie concurred. "It’s only 44 degrees outside, but it was pretty imperative that Trump not spend the entire day inside watching television."

Of course, Trump hardly needs an excuse to retreat to his golf properties. But unfortunately for his advisers, he has already done significant damage to himself this weekend.

And when Trump is done playing golf, Robert Mueller will still be there. And so will Trump's Twitter account.