White House turns on Homeland Security chief for not wanting to deport more people


The White House is accusing the acting Homeland Security secretary of leaking mass deportation plans.

It turns out that acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan might not be racist enough for the Trump administration.

According to Fox News, the White House is accusing McAleenan of sabotaging a long-planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid expected to round up and deport 2,000 families by leaking details of it to the media.

Fox News reports that McAleenan was always opposed to this raid, which has been in the works since April. Even though Trump tweeted on Saturday that he was personally delaying the raids "to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border," Fox says the White House actually believes McAleenan's leak was the reason the raids were postponed.

Trump first announced that he was planning large-scale immigration raids on June 17, tweeting that ICE was planning to deport "millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States."

In true Trump fashion, that tweet was filled with exaggerations, as the raid was not actually targeting millions of people but rather 2,000 families in 10 cities across the country, such as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others. The details were laid out in a June 21 article published in the Washington Post, which cited three anonymous U.S. officials.

The Washington Post included in that report a line saying that McAleenan was uncomfortable with the large-scale operation, and wanted to narrow the deportations to 150 families.

According to the Washington Post, McAleenan was worried that a large-scale secret operation would lead to family separations, as some of the children of the adults being targeted for deportation wouldn't be with their parents when ICE conducted raids.

But that modicum of compassion for human beings was just too much for the Trump administration, which was hell-bent on conducting this mass deportation.

They now are mad at McAleenan, blaming him for the reason the raids were called off.

"You’ve got the acting secretary of Homeland Security resisting what ICE is trying to do," former ICE chief Tom Homan told "Fox & Friends" Saturday. "He does not support this operation, and I tell you what, if that’s his position, then he’s on the wrong side of this issue."

This is not the first time a Trump administration official has balked at Trump's demands for mass deportations.

Back in May, Trump and his team were planning similar raids, seeking to arrest 10,000 parents, children, and single adults who were largely seeking asylum in the U.S. in an effort to try and deter other immigrants from seeking asylum in the U.S.

The planned raids in May were too much for former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and former acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello — both of whom were forced out of the administration in a purge of top DHS officials for objecting to the plan.

Ultimately, the Trump administration is so racist that people like McAleenan, who praised DHS officials for tear gassing parents and their children at the border, and Nielsen, who ignored warnings of the damage family separations could cause to children, could somehow look like voices of moderation.

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