White House: We only explained our lies with 'alternative facts' the one time


Donald Trump's White House is arguably the most dishonest in American history, with not just his spokespeople but his own Twitter feed a constant source of demonstrably false statements.

But that hasn't stopped the White House from expressing outrage at what it claims are falsehoods in a new bombshell of a book about Trump's embarrassingly dysfunctional and failing presidency.

At Thursday's press briefing, Playboy reporter Brian Karem asked Sanders to justify the double standard when it comes to false statements, given the White House's own use of what it called "alternative facts."

Sanders, however, could not even give an honest response to that:

KAREM: Yesterday you said Steve Bannon was entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. This administration has said on many occasions that they're entitled to alternative facts. So how is that different with Steve Bannon?

SANDERS: This administration has not said on numerous occasions that there are alternative facts. I know that there was one reference in which they were saying there were basically two sides to the story. I think that's very different than completely false information and opinion.

The instantly infamous "alternative facts" incident was not, in actual fact, simply a matter of two sides to a story. It was a pathetic lie to soothe Trump's dangerously fragile ego.

Then-press secretary Sean Spicer had opened his very first White House press briefing with a demonstrably false claim about Trump's "historic" inauguration crowd size. The crowd size was in no way historic; President Barack Obama's had been much bigger, as photographic evidence clearly demonstrated.

(That didn't stop the administration from wasting taxpayer dollars trying to prove otherwise.)

When White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked about Spicer's ridiculous lie, however, she didn't admit his error. Instead, she stubbornly insisted Spicer simply "gave alternative facts."

The ridiculous crowd size lie was only the first in what immediately become a daily stream of lies from Trump's various spokespeople and spinmeisters and of course Trump himself.

While the White House may not have defended subsequent lies with the same "alternative facts" phrase, it has continued to repeat lies even after they have been fact-checked, debunked, and proven to be utterly untrue.

Which is what makes the White House's outrage over the supposed lies about Trump all the more laughable.

For such an incessantly dishonest administration to demand that others adhere to its set of facts, while at the same time insisting that its own lies are simply two sides of a story, further proves the shameless audacity with which the entire Trump administration is willing to spew "alternative facts" while attacking others for telling the truth.