'Who is left for him to offend?' White House reporter rips Trump's unhinged week of insults


CNN’s Jim Acosta had a scathing indictment of Trump’s behavior over the past week.

This week, Donald Trump has behaved — if possible — even more reprehensibly than usual.

He has offended everyone from Native Americans to African-Americans to Hispanics to Muslims.

The ugliness has been so insane that some reporters are simply stunned — like CNN’s Jim Acosta, who noted to Wolf Blitzer how thoroughly Trump has angered just about everybody:

BLITZER: This is what we’ve seen, Jim, from the president over the past three days alone. He made that “Pocahontas” comment once again involving Senator Elizabeth Warren during a ceremony honoring Native American Navajo code talkers — World War II heroes. On Tuesday he attacked African-American athletes over the anthem protests, railed against illegal immigrants, spoke about his own Birther claims that former President Obama was born in Kenya. Today, the anti-Muslim videos. What happened to the assumption that bringing in General John Kelly as White House chief of staff would put all of this to an end?

ACOSTA: That's right ... if you look at that list that you just laid out a few moments ago, Wolf, it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that it's only Wednesday, and he's offended nearly every minority or religious group that you can possibly offend here in the United States. And it just raises the question, for this president — and it's a question that is almost raised every day — who is left for him to offend? And it's just another example of how this White House really has to pay more attention to what's happening inside the Oval Office, with the president of the United States behaving in this fashion.

Trump’s anti-Muslim retweets, indeed, did more than just anger people in the United States. His seeming endorsement of the fascist party Britain First so infuriated the United Kingdom that members of Parliament roundly condemned him, and some are now calling for him to be banned from entering the country.

The disruptive behavior from Trump is  all the worse because it diverts attention from Senate Republicans’ move to ram through their corporate tax scam as fast as possible.

Trump has never been a worthy or appropriate voice of leadership for the American people. His conduct this week only shows again that there is no limit to his depravity.

And, as Acosta noted, it's only Wednesday.