'Why is he immune to this?' One of Trump's many accusers wants answers


So far, Donald Trump has avoided the repercussions of more than a dozen women accusing him of sexual assault. One of those women is asking why he's been let off the hook.

"Why [aren't] people talking about Trump ... and why is he immune to this?" That's the question Rachel Crooks, who alleges that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her, is now asking.

In 2005, Crooks worked at a real estate company based in Trump Tower in Manhattan. She says she ran into Trump outside an elevator, and as they shook hands, he would not let go. He started kissing her cheeks, she said, and then "kissed me directly on the mouth." Her account is backed up by friends and family that she told at the time.

Crooks' comments came during an interview on CNN, in which the trend of disclosures about sexual assault, harassment and mistreatment of women was discussed as part of the #MeToo movement.

Crooks told CNN she was "thankful" that women have come forward with their stories, but said "I do feel forgotten" since the Trump allegations have been so severely underplayed and under-covered.

She went on to say, "You can't help but wonder why people aren't talking about Trump and the people that came forward for him and why is he immune to this?" She described the treatment she and Trump's other accusers have received as "frustrating."

CAMEROTA: In this MeToo moment, from Harvey Weinstein, that started sort of, to opening the floodgates, to Matt Lauer, I mean and I could just list a litany of men inbetween there. Donald Trump is obviously still president.

CROOKS: Right.

CAMEROTA: What has it been like for you to watch this MeToo moment?

CROOKS: I mean, I think it's been great, I'm so thankful that other women are having the courage to come forward. But, yes I do feel forgotten, I mean, you can't help but wonder why people aren't talking about Trump and the people that came forward for him and why is he immune to this? So it's been very frustrating and that's basically why I'm here.

Crooks is just one of 13 women who have made credible allegations of sexual assault, misbehavior, and conduct by Donald Trump.

Trump is accused of kissing and/or groping these women without their consent with a repeated pattern of predatory behavior over the years.

Trump also bragged about staging "inspections" of women as they were half-naked in their dressing rooms at the beauty pageants he owned.

He also infamously admitted to committing sexual assault in the "Access Hollywood" recording with Billy Bush, where Trump said, "Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything."

America is undergoing a long-overdue reexamination and reckoning with a destructive culture of abuse that has gone on for decades.

Donald Trump was a part of that, and he should not be given a pass for what he did. That would be true in any capacity, but especially since he occupies the office of the presidency.