Watch veteran anchor laugh at Trump adviser's nonsensical defense on trade


NBC's Chuck Todd couldn't keep a straight face while listening to a Trump adviser's absurd excuses.

Trump sent his senior advisers out to try to defend his reckless trade war on the Sunday shows. And even veteran NBC anchor Chuck Todd couldn't hear the pathetic defenses without laughing out loud.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro admitted to CNN's Jake Tapper that Trump ignored national security in favor of his donors. And Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross fared even worse on Sunday's "Meet the Press."

Todd asked Ross if the erratic Trump would follow through on his hasty announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum.

"Whatever his final decision is, is what will happen," Ross replied.

And when Todd noted that meant it wasn't a "done deal," Ross tried to deflect.

"I just said what he has said, he has said," Ross protested. "If he says something different, it'll be something different. I have no reason to think he's going to change."

"What does this mean?" Todd asked with a bemused laugh. "You just said, 'Well, he may say this, and he may say that.'"

Yet Ross again tried to deny it, and offered the flimsy excuse that if Trump "for some reason should change his mind, then it'll change."

Ross already suffered humiliation while defending Trump earlier this week, when Campbell's Soup called him out for lying about the policy's effect on consumers.

Trump's well-documented history of backing out of policy pronouncements shortly after making them renders even his top advisers unable to make sense of them. Just recently, Trump has reneged on commitments on immigration reform and gun control.

The American people stand to suffer greatly as a result of Trump's trade war, so this would be the rare occasion on which a Trump reversal would be welcome. But doing the right thing would put Trump at odds with his donors, so it's unlikely he'll change his mind.