'Will we make their abuser a US senator?' Powerful new ad rebukes Moore and Trump


Democratic Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones just released a searing political ad putting names and faces to Roy Moore’s victims.

There is seemingly no end to the horror stories emerging about GOP Alabama Senate candidate and twice-fired chief of the state Supreme Court, Roy Moore, who's accused of serially stalking, molesting, and sexually assaulted teenage girls.

And his Democratic challenger, former U.S. attorney Doug Jones, is coming out swinging in defense of Moore’s victims.

In a powerful new political ad titled “Immoral,” the name and face of each of Moore’s victims is listed, one by one:


Leigh Corfman. Beverly Young Nelson. Debbie Wesson Gibson. Gloria Thacker Deason. Gena Richardson. Wendy Miller. Kelly Harrison Thorp.

And the list is growing.

They were girls when Roy Moore immorally pursued them. Now they are women. Witnesses to us all of his disturbing conduct.

Will we make their abuser a U.S. senator?

The ad is a searing rebuke — not only to Moore, but to all of the opportunistic Republican politicians in and out of Alabama who know of the accusations and are sticking with Moore for political gain.

In particular, it shames Donald Trump, who on Tuesday passionately argued for electing Moore and disbelieving his victims.

The Senate race in Alabama to fill the seat previously held by Jeff Sessions has become astonishingly competitive in the wake of Moore’s accusers coming forward, with some polls showing Jones tied or even ahead.

Republicans must give a real answer to the question posed at the end of the ad. They must decide whether they really want a child molester to represent them — and whether politics is a bigger motivator than basic morality.