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Women don’t like Trump — and that’s bad news for Wisconsin Republicans

Only 34 percent of Wisconsin women view Trump favorably.

By Oliver Willis - October 30, 2018

Trump’s massive unpopularity with women voters in Wisconsin could have a negative ripple effect on many Republicans running in the state this year.

Trump has an anemic 34 percent approval rating among women in Marquette Law School’s most recent polling of Wisconsin, and 59 percent approval among men. His overall approval in the state is 46 percent.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that this massive 25-point gender gap is “unprecedented in Marquette’s polling.”

Trump’s average 19-point gender gap in Wisconsin over his two years in office is twice as high as President Barack Obama’s 9-point gender gap in the state. (More women than men approved of Obama.)

With independent voters, Trump has a smaller gender gap in his approval ratings — but he’s much less popular overall. Under 30 percent of independent women back him, and just 46 percent of independent men.

Trump’s toxicity is spreading down the ballot to his fellow Republicans in Wisconsin.

This dynamic has contributed to a close battle between incumbent Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Tony Evers. Evers has a slight lead in the most recent polling average.

Walker ally Dale Kooyenga is facing a tough battle for the state Senate against Democrat Julie Henszey. Like Walker, Kooyenga has been bankrolled by the right-wing Koch brothers and supported a massive taxpayer giveaway to lure a Foxconn factory to the state.

Kooyenga also exhibited his support for Trump when he pulled down an anti-Trump sign in the state Capitol, even though the sign’s owner had a permit to place it there.

This action cost the Kooyenga $30,000 and brought him embarrassing local news coverage. It also tied him to Trump, who has now become an electoral liability at every level.

It’s not hard to see why Trump is so unpopular with women.

Trump has been extremely hostile to women’s reproductive rights, has bragged about committing sexual assault, is virulently racist, and made the callous decision to rip apart mothers and babies seeking asylum in the United States with no plan to reunite them.

Republicans are facing headwinds from all voters this election cycle — but women in particular are turning away from the party that has steadfastly refused to hold Trump accountable.

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