World leaders ridicule Trump for 'incoherent' G-7 behavior


Trump disgraces himself on the global stage just when he most needed some dignity.

As Trump headed to Singapore for high-stakes nuclear diplomacy with dictator Kim Jong Un, the rest of the world pointed and laughed at Trump's childish performance at the G-7 meeting.

Trump ducked out of the summit early on Saturday after lobbying hard on behalf of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and continuing to insult our allies and trading partners at a brief photo op for reporters.

Then, after getting wind that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had gently restated Canadian trade policy to reporters, Trump melted down on Twitter, and reneged on his commitment to sign the G-7 communique. Trump's behavior earned him mockery of varying intensity from political figures around the world.

Former Trudeau foreign policy adviser Roland Paris blasted Trump's tirade, and called Trump "a pathetic little man-child."

French President Emmanuel Macron's office put out a statement that blasted Trump without naming him, but saying that “We spent two days to obtain a text and commitments. We will stand by them and anyone who would depart from them, once their back was turned, shows their incoherence and inconsistency. International cooperation cannot depend on fits of anger or little words.”

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt posted a G-7 photo of Trump and the other leaders, and captioned it “Just tell us what Vladimir has on you. Maybe we can help.”

And Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland responded to Trump's attacks on Trudeau in characteristically polite fashion.

“In terms of the approach that governments choose to take, Canada does not believe that ad hominem attacks are a particularly appropriate or useful way to conduct our relations with other countries,” she said.

Trump sent his advisers out on Sunday to convince the world that completely losing it over Justin Trudeau's polite comments is a show of strength to Kim Jong Un, even if it means inviting the scorn of some of our country's closest allies.

But all Trump succeeded in doing is admitting that he is so nervous about appearing weak in front of Kim Jong Un that he's willing to torch a close ally over an imaginary offense. That's a political victory for Kim, and yet another Trump embarrassment for the United States.

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