World War II vet and NRA member: 'Trump has been the worst president we've ever had'


A World War II veteran, lifetime Republican, and NRA member explains why he's voting for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump speaks often of how he loves veterans and supports them, despite raiding the pensions of veterans to fund his wall and misusing charitable funds earmarked for them.

On Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention, 95-year-old Edward Good — a World War II veteran, lifetime Republican, NRA member, and a 2016 Trump voter — spoke about how he'll be voting for Joe Biden for president.

I am Edward Good. I'm a veteran of World War II and of Korea. When I wear a uniform, I wear only two badges, my parachute wings, and the combat infantry badge. I did make combat jump over the Rhine in Germany and I'm proud of that. I have been a republican since the 1960s.


I'm a member of the NRA and voted for Trump. I think Trump has been the worst president we've ever had so I'll be glad to see him go. I think Joe Biden will be a great leader for the United States.


Like me on the day of my jump into Germany, I think Joe Biden cares about doing his proper duty for the United States and if he's elected, that's what he will do.

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