Yes, We Can: In a moving video, people recall meaningful moments of Obama's presidency


President Obama has accomplished so much during his eight years as our president. As he enters his final days in office, the White House has invited people from around the world to celebrate the moments of his presidency that meant the most to them.

The White House has produced a lovely compilation of people — from average U.S. citizens to celebrities to world leaders — recalling meaningful moments and key accomplishments of President Obama's presidency.

“Yes, we can.” President Obama spoke these three words for the first time in January 2008 in New Hampshire. And for the past eight years, these words have also served as the backbone of his Presidency and embody his bedrock belief that, through hard work and a commitment to hope, we can make progress possible for the American people.

As we look back at the last eight years, people from across the country (and the globe) are taking some time to reflect on a moment that inspired them to share in this belief, and even to take action in their own communities. Here’s a selection of what people have said so far.

This is what Yes We Can means to We the People. Thank you, President Obama.