'You want to hold women up on a pedestal?' Kellyanne Conway slammed for Moore support


"Now you want to fight for women? You're endorsing Roy Moore."  

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is having zero success presenting herself and Donald Trump as champions of women's rights — especially in light of Trump's renewed endorsement of an accused child molester in the Alabama race for the U.S. Senate.

On Tuesday morning, Conway appeared on CNN and went round and round with host Chris Cuomo as the White House advertiser tried in vain to make sense of Trump's support for Roy Moore while at the same time insisting Trump has "tremendous moral standards."

"He'd rather have an accused child molester than a Democrat?" Cuomo asked. "It's all political pragmatism."


Conway stressed the election was all about the people of Alabama, and if they decide Moore is OK, then that should be the end of the debate. But Cuomo quickly found a major hole in that logic: "If you want to leave it up to the voters of Alabama, then stay out of it. You don't vote in Alabama."

But Trump won't stay out of the race, and has gone all in on an accused child molester. This, while Conway keeps insisting the White House is fighting for women in lots of ways:

CONWAY: All the consumer confidence numbers, the manufacturing confidence numbers, the small business formation numbers —

CUOMO: Because a lot of them are banking on getting big tax cuts to help their bottom line.

CONWAY: Are you telling the 9.1 million female small business owners in this country — and I was one for 22 years —

CUOMO: Now you want to fight for women? You're endorsing Roy Moore, but now you want to hold women up on a pedestal?

It's certainly a fair question. And not just regarding Moore. Over the years, nearly 20 women have accused Trump of sexually harassing or assaulting them. In response, he has denounced them as liars and threatened to sue them all, though he chickened out in the end.

At the Women Rule conference in Washington D.C. conference on Monday, Conway got called out very publicly when an audience member loudly demanded to know why she worked for a sexual predator if she is so concerned about women's rights. Conway attacked the woman as a "complete jackass" and was then loudly hissed by the audience.

And yet Conway sticks to her comical talking points about championing women.

Later during her conversation with Cuomo, in a bout of unintended irony, Conway lamented the state of our public debate. "What I see is hypocrisy everywhere I turn."