'You're making it fall apart.' Chris Cuomo nails smirking GOP rep for sabotaging Obamacare


Trump and his fellow Republicans have been unable to pass a real replacement for Obamacare, so they're just going to destroy it instead.

The GOP plan to repeal Obamacare failed dozens of times before Donald Trump took office, and it has not fared any better with him in power.

So instead, Trump has openly admitted that he is going to dismantle it "piece by piece" until it is destroyed — or until Democrats cave to his demands and give him something he wants.

And Trump's allies in Congress are giddy at the thought.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a member of the radical conservative House Freedom Caucus, appeared on CNN to justify Trump's latest and most vicious move to sabotage Obamacare by refusing to fund subsidies for low-income Americans who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. The move could destabilize the entire insurance market, send premiums skyrocketing, and leave more Americans uninsured.

Host Chris Cuomo rightly called Jordan and his party out for supporting a malicious plan to hurt American families.

CUOMO: You cannot find a reasonable health care analyst who will look at cutting the subsidies, shrinking the enrollment period, and doing other things that the president is doing in this executive order, and that you are trying to do in your bill, that makes it better, in the main, for American families. This seems to be about sucking money out of it and using it for something else, but you're doing it on the backs of the most needy.

JORDAN: You're acting like these CSR payments are the reason this thing is such a mess. That is not the case.

CUOMO: No, I'm saying those payments are really important in stabilizing health care for people who need help.

JORDAN: You can't stabilize this thing. It's already falling apart. That is what everyone understands.

CUOMO: You're making it fall apart. By pulling the subsidies, shrinking the enrollment period, and messing with the rollout of the plan.

There is no justification for sabotaging Obamacare. It is petty, cruel, dangerous, and deadly. Neither Trump nor his Republican allies in Congress have any concern for the people who will suffer as a result. They insist — wrongly — that Obamacare doesn't work, so they're not harming anyone.

But even they know that's not really true. On Thursday, after Trump signed his executive order to begin chipping away at Obamacare, the Republican Party released a statement inadvertently admitting that the health care law has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 18 million.

Obamacare has been a tremendous success, and that is what has Trump and his fellow Republicans so resentful and determined to undo it. And if millions of Americans suffer, so be it.