Zero GOP senators find the courage to meet their constituents ahead of health vote


Republican senators will be home for the weekend, but exactly zero have scheduled town halls.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell will force a vote on the GOP's massively unpopular and harmful health care repeal bill as soon as next week.

That leaves little time for senators to gather input from the people they work for.

But rather than rushing home to talk to their constituents, every single GOP senator appears to be avoiding them.

That's right. Exactly zero Republican senators will hold town halls with their constituents this weekend.

Town Hall Project, which closely tracks town halls with every member of Congress, further reminds us that "34 out of 52 Republican senators have not held a single town hall this year." That's two-thirds of the entire GOP Senate caucus.

It's a stunning lack of courage, which in the past has been exhibited by both parties. But not so today under McConnell's leadership. The Senate GOP hid their bill for weeks, and now they're hiding out, too.

That's not to say their constituents won't continue to make their voices heard. Health care protesters are fanning out across their states to visit senators' offices, even holding 24-hour vigils to call attention to the most vulnerable Americans who would be most harmed by this bill.

Americans will keep fighting, even though the GOP appears unwilling to fight for them.