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Boise CPC seeks to draw clients from neighboring Planned Parenthood, director says

NARAL report claims some Massachusetts CPCs mislead

In an ongoing project to shine more light on pregnancy centers that counsel women out of having abortions -– commonly known as “crisis pregnancy centers,” or CPCs –-

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Women would be disproportionately affected by tax plans proposed by Cain, Perry, experts say

As campaign-finance filings come out from 2012 Republican presidential candidates, the records show women are not big-money donors for this year’s crop of hopefuls.

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New federal bill would defund abstinence-only programs, include LGBT youth in sex-ed discussion

Under newly proposed legislation, the federal government would no longer fund projects that only teach sex education in the context of "abstinence only until marriage." In addition, organizations a

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SBA List to use House approval of anti-abortion bill as evidence in defamation suit

Despite general belief that the "Protect Life Act" --  which would bar tax-subsidized health-care plans from covering abortion services under the Affordable Care Act -- has little chance of becomin

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U.S. House passes latest controversial anti-abortion-rights measure

The U.S.

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Abortion foes use live ultrasounds to highlight anti-abortion-rights legislation

While House leaders, Democrats, and Republicans in Congress engaged in a 

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Operation Rescue offers ammunition to House GOP trying to pass anti-abortion insurance bill

Congress to address anti-abortion-rights legislation, fetal heartbeats this week

Predictably, abortion was one of the leading foes at this year's sixth annual Values Voter Summit, with presidential candida

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Massachusetts Legislature debates archaic law banning birth control for unmarried women

Today, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary is debating whether to repeal portions of an bygone law regarding women's access to contraception.

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